Celebrating Juneteenth

We’re celebrating Juneteenth & Hollow Moon’s one-year anniversary🎉!!!

In season 2, episode 1, we’ll kick off by hearing from Avery Bacchues on his experience as an African American/Black drummer in a band called The X-Hunters. The band was formed in 2010, inspired by the Megaman video game, mainly just so the band members could have fun. They play instrumental covers of video game songs, predominantly in the metal genre with bits of progressive rock sprinkled in.

You can listen to our conversation here: https://anchor.fm/hollowmoon/episodes/Avery-Bacchues–Black-Metal-e1k2an0

The X-Hunters’ music can be found on Bandcamp (https://xhunters.bandcamp.com/).

They also have a Facebook page too (https://www.facebook.com/TheXHunters).

I really enjoyed the songs below:

  • Mankind’s arrogance,
  • Kremlin Kong Quest

So how does one break into the video game music scene or even begin to listen to this wondrous genre? You can learn more about all things video game related, including video game music, by looking into MAGFEST.

Band/artist and recommended reads from Avery are:

  • Bad Brains, American Rock Band (“Rasta Punk”)
  • Sammus, Blk American underground rapper.
  • Rap on Trial Book by Andrea L. Dennis and Erik Nielson
  • It’s Bigger than Hip-Hop by MK Asante

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