Projects & Performances

If you can’t tell by now, I love alliteration!

Upcoming projects:

  • Indie Essay/poem compilation book on pandemic & social unrest.
  • Collaboration with local visual artist Ken Miller

Featured projects:

  • 2021: Afro-futuristic podcast, HOLLOW MOON
  • 2021: Bookbaby Spotlight Podcast, spoken word
  • 2020: Women in Publishing Summit (WIP)
  • 2019: Coordinated design & print of “Daughter Owl”.
  • 2013: Blackberry: A Magazine’s Blog publishes Ramona D. Pina’s “Commentation” to start off Spoken Word Wednesdays.
  • 2013: Blackberry: A Magazine’s Blog publishes Ramona D. Pina’s “Fiery Rage” on Spoken Word Wednesdays.
  • 2003: Poetry Group Slams Bowdoin
  • 2002: Bowdoin Celebrates Martin Luther King’s 73rd Birthday

2 thoughts on “Projects & Performances

  1. Do you consider fantasy? I have a novel with a post colonial setting inspired by the First Nations of the Pacific Northwest. Since your wish-list doesn’t specifically mention fantasy, I thought I should ask before formally submitting.

    1. Hi Bruce, I am open to fantasy. Speculative fiction is an umbrella term which incl. fantasy, SciFi, horror, magical realism etc. However, I’m only open to works about First Nations and other cultures from writers of that cultural group.

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