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Ramona is a chameleon. One moment she’s an x-ray tech, the next a poet, writer of novels, writer of poetry in multiple languages. Ever changing to blend in with the cultural anthropologists, a native Bostonian but at home in the world. She’s comfortable in conversations in a range of subjects from the golden ratio to Lecrae. Whatever skin she’s wearing, she is always unapologetically herself. 

Her imagination was fed by her youth in inner city Boston, and strangely dark 90’s classics. She constantly lost and found herself within those stories, identifying with characters who didn’t look like her. This lack of representation led Ramona to explore other places and cultures of people who did look like her. She thrived in the world of cultural anthropology and the richness of the stories of various cultures and languages. She earned a BA in Cultural Anthropology, and those experiences continue to influence her work to this day. 

Ramona has always felt that her voice was her strongest weapon. Being heard, present and represented was crucial to maintaining social progress. Through her writing and performances she laid herself bare for others to examine, inspiring those to display the other within themselves. She’ll continue to push people to identify with the common humanity we share and to elevate WOC and OWN voices. 

Currently Ramona is pursuing her passion. She is a successful publishing specialist at BookBaby, an independent publishing co., and is enthused to join Bookends Lit as a fellow. She has recently published a chapbook Albatross, and a combination of her fiction, poetry and spoken word are published in various literary zines. A lover of fall and all things cozy Ramona is true to her native New England roots. A born contrarian, she believes in eating ice cream in the winter and baking in the summer; and that food is love.

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Hollow Moon, the Podcast discusses Afrofuturism: @podcasthollow (Twitter)

Vision: Amplifying voices that reframe notions of blackness (cultures of the African Diaspora) for today and for the future.

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