In 2022, Ramona is focusing on building her middle grade, young adult and crossover adult fiction lists. She is interested in carving a space for and elevating underrepresented voices: BIPOC, SWANA, LGBTQ+, disabled, neurodivergent, and WOC are a plus! Throw stories at her that captivate her with incredible world-building while addressing real-life struggles. You can learn more about her MANUSCRIPT WISH LIST and preferences below:

  • MIDDLE GRADE: She wants whimsical tales. Regale her with lush STUDIO GHIBLI-esque world building and:
    • Stories that explore magical family history (i.e., the Addams Family, 100 Cupboards, etc.)
    • Fantastical and semi-spooky world like you would see in anime Spirited Away & Princess Mononoke.
    • Feel good adventure stories amongst friends like the Goonies.
    • Quests with female protagonists that display bravery and perseverance that’s not in spite of gender.
    • Solving age old mysteries that no one thought were real. Bring her prepubescent Indiana Jones.

  • YOUNG ADULT (Fantasy, Contemporary, Sci-Fi, Paranormal in no order)

For #YA SciFi, fantasy and contemporary, Ramona loves a trope where the younger generation is showing the older one a new way to thrive. Break generational trauma like in THE INHERITANCE OF ORQUIDEA DIVINA, and rebel to outer space to follow your own path in BINTI.

For YA contemporary, it’s the same idea minus going space bound or adding fabulist or magical realism. Cultures are magical and there are so many to learn from. Show her transparency on love and intimacy that you see in EMBROIDERIES, and the burden of familial obligations in IT ALL COMES BACK TO YOU.

On the flip side, Ramona also loves a wise elder dropping knowledge bombs on the next gen(s) to restore balance into family and the world. 


She wants adult #SciFi that gut punches you into oblivion. Light on the Sci, heavy on the Fi. Destroy her with a rotini twist of an ending. Give her urgency and a sense of purpose of THE FIFTH SEASON blended with the quirk of THE FIFTH ELEMENT. Show the world through the character’s eyes and help her experience what they’re going through. Ramona loves fantasy woven into SciFi. Just like the beautiful world you’ve built, and then destroyed, she too wants to be left with her mind blown, melted into a puddle on the floor or both.

Think high concept sci-fi like Dreamfall Chapters (video game), where people are addicted to virtual reality and can’t funciton in society.

Tim Burton is a vibe. Send her stories that are dark but upbeat like Beetlejuice or with dark lyrical voices (Pan’s Labyrinth).

Ramona is NOT a good fit for ROMCOMs or general romance. Not accepting picture books, or non-fiction of any kind.

You can query Ramona at: